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Introducing Bhitta CMS
A high-performance backend engine!
Build beautiful, easy-to-manage websites.

The Go-To Backend Engine for Nepali Brands

Websites built on Bhitta CMS are automatically optimised for speed, security, performance, and SEO. It is a highly scalable platform designed to grow with you.

300+ Projects powered
100 M+ Pageviews per month
750 TB+ Bandwidth served per month
Bhitta CMS ?
With Bhitta CMS you don't need any technical or coding skills. Its intuitive, powerful yet simple dashboard allows your website to deliver stunning experiences.
Easy customization to fit your website’s style and needs
SEO friendly
Easy-to-use tools to improve your search rankings
Fast page
Seamless content delivery at breakneck speed
Mobile friendly
Automatically and effortlessly optimised for mobile

Achieve outstanding results with a
top-performing platform

Bhitta CMS will help you create unforgettable digital destinations that outperform in stability, security, speed, cost, and experience.

Low maintenance Bhitta CMS is designed to be lightweight and low-maintenance. While other CMSes like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal need to be updated at least 5 times a year, Bhitta CMS needs less than 1 update a year.
Plugin-less Bhitta CMS is engineered to handle everything without the use of plugins. All the features and modules are built and supported by the same team thus allowing a consistent and graceful experience.
Predictable CMS Bhitta CMS's low-maintenance nature and reduced reliance on third-party tools and plugins contribute to its predictability and high performance.
CMS for custom functionality WordPress focuses on blogs and basic sites; its customization is limited. Bhitta CMS is versatile, supporting custom websites and apps.
Security Bhitta CMS team handles core features, eliminating the need for multiple plugins. This ensures quality and security. Other CMSes, like WordPress (96% of hacked sites are running on WordPress), require dedicated developers for frequent updates.
Top-notch support Bhitta CMS offers excellent customer support via phone, email, and chat, with prompt responses. Users receive a 30-minute training session for maximizing platform usage.


No, Bhitta CMS is a proprietary backend system engineered and managed by SoftNEP.

No, you do not have to pay separately for Bhitta CMS. However, you do need to pay for your website’s hosting and Annual Support and Maintenance.

No, currently Bhitta CMS is integration-ready only for Bhitta Sites (readymade website designs) and custom designed websites by SoftNEP.

We do provide a demo link and credentials to interested users upon written requests. Please write to hello@bhittacms.com if you are interested in trying out our software.

We take feedback from our clients and users and based on that engineer the CMS. If it’s an industry-wide requirement we build it onto the system. If it’s a very specific and exclusive requirement we build the feature exclusively for that particular project.

Yes, Bhitta CMS is built for seo-friendliness. The CMS even has a section that will allow you to update meta description or content for individual pages.

Yes, Bhitta CMS does have ad banner spaces for internal or external ad links or images.


"I have used Bhitta CMS for several of my projects. Its simple dashboard and seamless publishing capabilities make it an excellent choice for any content-based website. I highly recommend it for a streamlined and efficient experience."
Karun Panta Chief Operating Officer
BrandAd Inc.
"We are relatively new to SoftNEP experience, and so far we are satisfied. With their new edition of Bhitta CMS, our news management process has become much more professional and seamless. We anticipate the continued progress of the organization. "
Prateek Pradhan Editor-in-Chief
Baahrakhari Media Pvt. Ltd.
"Bhitta CMS has presented us with a convenient and user-friendly solution for effectively managing our website and information system database. With this tool, we can streamline our day-to-day operations, accessing everything we need from a centralized platform."
Chup Bahadur Thapa Executive Director